Branded Tools

From syndicated core studies to qualitative, conceptual understanding; from traditional face-to-face customized research to on-line tablets enabled real-time reporting studies, we have the tool, product, or approach that fits your need.

LOGO#con – Concept Testing Capabilities

LOGO#con is a Concept Testing protocol, designed to answers Client’s questions related to the early stages of the Product Design and Development process.



LOGO#ad – Advertising Tracking System

LOGO#ad is a protocol, based on Logo MRC best practices and latest industry knowledge in advertising tracking. LOGO#ad is designed to track the effect of your advertising over time: its ultimate goal is to optimize the effect of your advertising efforts and spending.

LOGO#price – Pricing Solutions

Pricing decisions are among the most important decisions managers make. The challenge of representing the true value of the product or service, while using pricing as a tool in the market share game, requires sharp market and customers insights.
Throughout the years, we have built substantial pricing expertise using the appropriate methodologies for each individual business case.



LOGO#rep – Is Your Company Sufficiently “Expressive”?

How visible are corporate themes and messaging elements generally – in internal and external channels? Are messaging themes distinctive – clearly differentiated as a corporate position? Is there a clear promise? Is messaging integrated, coordinated across channels and stakeholder groups? Are the same symbols, slogans used? To what extent do corporate themes appear authentic and inspire emotional appeal internally and externally?
LOGO#rep is all about your reputation!

LOGO#cx – Customer Experience

LOGO#cx enhances Customer-centric strategy.
It helps prioritize efforts and build effective and actionable plans for growth.
Metric that is proven to be linked directly to profit margins.
Single, simple, cost effective measure right across the business.
More actionable than any satisfaction or loyalty survey.
Ensures continuous feedback to every level of interaction – from front-line staff to senior management.



LOGO#seg – The Process of Segmentation

LOGO#seg combines qualitative and quantitative research to better understand and describe behavioral differences between segments.

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