Survey Development

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research focuses on the individual experience with the brands, products and services and investigates this relation and its impact on the further decisions and choices of the consumer. Our experienced moderators find smart solutions to client’s problems, conduct the best applicable type of qualitative research (Focus groups, Ethnographic, In-depth interviews, Dyads and Triads, etc.), apply sophisticated techniques, interpret and contextualize to reach working outcomes for clients’ strategic business objectives. A qualitative project at LOGO MRC gives clear answers to the challenging Why? and How? questions that marketers often face.

Case study: Concept Evaluation: FMCG Food

Quantitative Research

Strategic decision making requires a variety of statistically valid numerical data – from penetration through consumer attitudes, habits, from satisfaction to loyalty. We address these needs with ad-hoc and continuous tracking solutions. We reach general and specific audiences in a structured way conducting face-to-face, telephone, e-mail, online interviews, etc. We implement robust and proven processing techniques and analyze the data with focus on the workable outcome and client objectives.

Case study: Usage and Attitude: FMCG Food

Case study: New Product Launch: FMCG

Case study: Brand Awareness Evaluation: Digital Technology

Secondary Research

Our secondary research is grounded on trustworthy and objective sources. We evaluate and summarize the information and organize it in an easy to comprehend manner that saves time and costs. Investment over time pays off and we do invest time in knowing more, using different sources, accessing and aggregating data pools and being ready to act on any new request in an efficient and productive way.

We can transform macroeconomic figures, market and financial data, competitor intelligence data, trends creating business opportunities into actionable knowledge to serve client’s business objectives. Furthermore, we can suggest additional research tools to unveil specific aspects of the surveyed subject.

Case Study: Competitive Intelligence: HealthCare

Digital Research
(analysis of online media, blog research)

The digitalization of everyday life opens a range of research opportunities for evaluating product reputation, effectiveness of marketing activities and monitoring of the competitors. Keeping pace with the contemporary developments, we apply proven methods of online media and blog research.

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