Data Validation (Cleaning/Recoding)

We understand that the validity of a study is highly dependent on the data integrity. Providing logical checks in few aspects such as data type validation, range and code checking, as well as checks on the questionnaires’ routings, we certify the data consistency. A separate checking program is generating an error report which is used to double-check and amend the data if needed. Cleaning could be applied in a way that do not affect the original data or to recreate a new clean data file.

Sometimes at the data collection stage it becomes clear that the original questionnaire might be in a form convenient for collection but not very convenient for analysis. Other times, the local agencies involved in a multi-country project might be using their own data maps. In such cases you can rely on our data processing experts who have mastered all Quantum scripts, IBM SPSS Statistics syntaxes and VB macros. With a great proficiency they can recode and restructure the data to a client-specific data map.

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