Advertising Development & Testing

We offer solutions at all stages of the advertising development process via various qualitative and quantitative methods. We offer pre- and post- testing solutions. Pre-testing is generally applicable for target group understanding, relevance testing and generation of consumer insights for creative idea identification and development. Our post-testing solutions provide assessment of the specific commercial advertising impact, help you select alternatives with strongest communications impact, support storyboards improvement and finalization, as well as evaluation of finished commercials prior airing. Furthermore, we provide measurement of advertisement effectiveness via tracking surveys.

We can help you to:

  • Explore consumer reactions at an early ad creation stage (storyboard, animations)
  • Examine the efficiency and adequacy of ad concepts and media
  • Choose the communication (message) and story with the greatest effectiveness
  • Improve and refine the main message based on our concrete recommendations
  • Create a credible and effective advertising strategy
  • Increase an advertising campaign’s chances
  • Examine the efficiency of advertising campaigns and their impact on brand image
  • Set the basis for further strategic and creative work

LOGO branded tools:

LOGO#ad – Advertising Tracking System

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