Concept Development & Testing

In a new product launch or re-positioning, your concept verification with consumers is critical. Concept tests are used to answer key questions such as: is the concept worth launching, what needs to be improved to make it a success, how should you communicate the product/concept to your target groups.

We offer a wide range of methods to help you find the right answers:

  • Creative surveys for concept development
  • Qualitative research for concepts refinement
  • Quantitative approaches for concept testing prior to market introduction
  • Quantitative testing of line-extensions in a competitive context
  • Final bundle evaluation studies including packaging and/or product and price tests

We guide you through the process of successfully designing, positioning, organizing and communicating consumer benefits, packaging, advertising, product information and features, distribution, and pricing. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your decisions for new product launches or re-positioning are taken with minimum financial risks.

@ LOGO Research we possess broad experience in concept development and testing. The numerous successful projects and brands who we helped establish a strong market presence are a true sign of our expert knowledge and commitment to client’s objectives.

LOGO branded tools:

LOGO#con – Concept Testing Capabilities


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