Product Development & Testing

Product perception and valuation by consumers is at the core of brand aura success. Your product characteristics and benefits must be relevant and important to your target audience, and should provide a point-of-differentiation from competition. We provide you with a rich set of methods for product development and testing, tailored to your specific business objectives. Our solutions help you gather consumer’s impressions about your products or services before you commit to heavy distribution, promotion or marketing costs, thus ensuring a safer, more successful market introduction. We help you optimize important product features and offer specific recommendations for product improvement, based on validated statistical applications and advanced analytical algorithms. A key area for product testing is product or service quality perception versus competition, so that reformulation needs are detected and the right foundation of the marketing strategy is in place.

Our specialization in product development and testing is proven over the years and we have built a FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) benchmark database for better calibration of research findings.

From screening among product prototypes to changing a recipe, we consistently provide you with credible product insights and benchmarks of market performance. Our team of experts offers excellence at every stage of the project – careful selection of the product evaluation design, perfect execution and solid analysis, combined with actionable recommendations for future adjustment in product characteristics and benefits offered.

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