Based in Bulgaria and Belgium to cover Europe work-wise.

Rich in heritage and potential and invest them daily in our clients’ (and our) future. This keeps us vital, growing and progressing. Together with our partners.

Working with precision and long-term vision.

We are mature and believe that success starts with knowledge (mix of academic background and multiyear real-project practice), requires precision, dedication and courage.

Our senior staff (each has dedicated 10+ years to market research) combines experience in each of the stages of the market research process: Researchers in design and analysis, Data processing experts – in statistics and big data, Fieldwork associates – in applying relevant methods and controls over the data collection process to ensure reliability. The juniors bring passion, energy, vitality.

We know well our strengths and do not over-promise. Yet, clients say, we often exceed expectations.

We act thoughtfully and confidently to deliver. On time. And check customer feedback right after each project.

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