Monthly National Omnibus – Simple, Fast, Efficient Solution for Taking Better Decisions

LOGO Research gladly announces the Monthly National Omnibus – an important and easily accessible service to all businesses who need to feel the pulse of changes in Bulgarian customer attitudes, preferences and habits.

The monthly sample of N=1,000 among 15+ y.o. population in Bulgaria (both Urban and Rural) allows fast representative results at highly competitive costs. High result validity is guaranteed by the respondent selection, tablet-assisted (electronic) face-to-face data collection, stringent quality controls and national spread.

Price for participation is based on the number of custom questions added (1, 3, 5 or more) and any need of research support (questionnaire development, analysis). Every client receives syndicated key demographic data on top of the custom questions in a standard excel format or as a customized excel or power point report.

Address us until 20th every month and see your results derived from a Nationally Representative sample just one month later. Both one-off and continuous participation work well:
• One-off participation gives instant answers on category penetration, usage frequency, target group basic definition, pre-launch evaluation or any other matter of interest.
• Continuous participation renders opportunity for Monthly tracking of a set of indicators important for your brand, communication and business.

Share your needs on and we will send a proposal sooner than later.

Take decisions based on solid data maintaining cost-effectiveness!

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