Technical Support:

    CATI Center

    We use unified communications that improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service and simplify the proliferation of technologies that businesses deal with every day. We communicate and collaborate in real time with our clients’ customers and competitors to make the business even more predictive and productive.

    Our structured system for data collection by telephone speeds up the process of gathering and editing of data. It allows our highly experienced interviewer to interact with specific target groups of respondents, which is a major prerequisite for timely and accurate data delivery.

    Test Studio

    Our Central Location Test (CLT) studio, located in the heart of Sofia is the ideal venue for your complete full-service CLT projects, including:

    • Concept tests
    • Product tests
    • Sensory research
    • Advertising/copy test
    • Packaging tests
    • Pricing tests

    Focus Groups Studios

    Our Sofia office offers two focus group viewing facilities for simultaneous translation of the interviews to our international customers and real-time Web-streaming of the moderation.

Branded Tools:

    LOGO#con – Concept Testing Capabilities

    LOGO#ad – Advertising Tracking System

    LOGO#price – Pricing Solutions

    LOGO#rep – Reputation Study

    LOGO#cx – Customer Experience

    LOGO#seg – The Process of Segmentation

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