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Category Retail Forum 2019 – Hair Colorants and the Generations: X Y Z

What happens when we apply our knowledge about the different generations to product category “hair colorant”? Are Millennials as impulsive


IN CHOOSING LUTENITSA, AJVAR, PROCESSED AND CREAM CHEESE Lutenista, ajvar, processed and cream cheese are part of the menu of most Bulgarians.

Eating Habits

The Bulgarians' eating habits are changing following the changes in the standard of living, food and beverages available on the market, the store

EYE TRACKING – Implicit & Explicit Data to Optimize Future Product Development – BIO PRODUCTS

If you want ot find out more about EYE TRACKING methodology and if you are interested in the future development of bio products our presentation

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From syndicated core studies to qualitative, conceptual understanding; from traditional face-to-face customized research to on-line tablets enabled real-time reporting studies, we have the tool, product, or approach that fits your need.

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