How to reposition your brand to the premium segment and make it a leader in the category.

The Challenge: Our client wanted to reposition its brand to the premium segment – and in time, to make it a leader in the category. The company improved the functional qualities of the product itself, and planned the future brand communication around three main pillars: premium design, improved safety and flawless performance. The question was what would be the customers’ response to this improved proposition?

The Approach: We designed and ran a quantitative survey: a home usage test to evaluate both the concept and the product, using KANO analysis. The test consisted of two stages: concept evaluation and product placement at first visit and after-usage product assessment at the second visit.

The Outcome: The survey revealed that the concept is well accepted, distinctive, credible and relevant – and in combination, provoking very high purchase interest. The idea of the innovative product materials was well appreciated and the “safety claims” included in the concept were revealed by the KANO analysis as “linear” attributes, directly affecting customers’ satisfaction. The unique product design appeared an excellent “delighter”, offering room for further experimentation, constant refreshment and ultimate differentiation vs. competitors. The actual product met the expectations generated by the concept and our recommendation was to proceed with the suggested re-positioning.

The Benefit:
Using KANO analysis in this case provided deeper knowledge and understanding about how does product attributes “work” on customers’ minds and perceptions. It provided an insightful perspective about which product features address the basic category requirements, which ones are considered innovative and delightful, which are in a direct ratio to satisfaction – and which attributes leave the targeted audience indifferent.

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