ENERGY PROVIDERS – How to fuel Customer Satisfaction

ENERGY PROVIDERS – How to fuel Customer Satisfaction

The Challenge: The main objective of our client – an energy (liquid fuel) provider was to improve its client service in each of its petrol stations, boosting its customers’ satisfaction. A secondary goal was to find any weaknesses in the provided service and to build a strategy preventing the possible negative effects (if any).

The Approach: We designed and executed a quantitative survey: tablets assisted, 8-minute personal interview at the points of sale (petrol stations), among both individual customers and corporate clients.

The Outcome: The survey results revealed extremely high levels of satisfaction with the quality of the fuel and the level of staff service among both target groups. Yet, our analysis revealed certain areas which needed particular attention – some small details neglected by the company staff, yet being of importance to the customers. Empowered by our conclusions and recommendations, our client was able to develop a simple set of rules for the service staff to follow, thus maintaining its excellent performance and avoiding the possible negative experiences.

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