LOGO Research Internship programs with actual results

LOGO Research Internship programs with actual results

LOGO Research Internship programs with actual results – a national representative study analysis the topic of environmental protection, executed by the latest internship team. Congratulations, young and enthusiastic students!

LOGO Research is continuously organizing internship programs as a great way for students and recent graduates to gain practical experience in the field of market research studies.  These programs range from a few weeks to several months or longer and are designed to provide hands-on experience in a real-world setting.
Internship programs are a win-win for both the intern and the LOGO Research team as a host of the programs. For the intern, it provides an opportunity to gain experience, network with professionals in their field, and explore career options. For our company, it provides an opportunity to bring in fresh talent, mentor and train future professionals, and gain a fresh perspective on their operations.
The internship programs are structured to provide interns with specific learning objectives and milestones to achieve throughout their program, more specifically in the field of social and marketing research studies. They also have the opportunity to join the fieldwork force in execution different face-to-face interviews, central location product test projects and many more. This can include attending training sessions, participating in team meetings, and completing project assignments. These learning objectives help ensure that the intern is gaining relevant experience and competences.
A concrete example as a practical result of the latest internship program is a dedicated study of Bulgarians’ commitment to environmental protection.
The national representative study analysis the topic of environmental protection which has become increasingly relevant over the years, as we are increasingly faced with global problems such as climate change, soil erosion, and air pollution. The motive to study the topic was born from the observations that environmental protection becomes problematic not only in larger but also in smaller settlements. The purpose of the research is to reveal the attitudes of Bulgarians towards events and activities related to environmental change, as well as how this affects their daily life.
You can find the complete report in the following download link.

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