Consumer Confidence Index in BG by EU and LOGO Research

Consumer Confidence Index in BG by EU and LOGO Research

Consumer Confidence Index is a tool tracking the changes in the consumer climate. It is part of the Joint Harmonized EU Programme of Business and Consumer Surveys financed by the European Commission – the package for evaluation and monitoring of the economic situation in the European Union countries and the applicant states.

The consumer’s opinion on different economical factors not only determines market behavior, but also influences on the future development of the objective factors. Thus the consumer climate researches provide information for tracking the cyclic processes, define precisely the economy turning points and can be used for forecasting.

The Consumer Confidence Index is an indispensable analytical and prognostic tool for numerous economic agents in European countries and USA – public and state bodies, researchers, managers of private and multinational companies, foreign institutions, financial experts, universities, political organizations, information centers, banks, etc.

The core indicators supporting CCI reveal:

  • Evaluation of the household financial status
  • Evaluation of the overall economic situation in the country
  • Big purchases ability of the household
  • Unemployment expectations
  • Prices expectations
  • Savings ability

LOGO Research is in charge of CCI measurement in Bulgaria as of May 2020.
Survey frame: Representative sample of 1000 individuals 15+ years old across the country
Data collection: Monthly Face-to-Face interviewing stretching from 1st to 20th every month
Reporting: Updates to CCI and the core indicators are shared in the last week of the same month.

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